Why You Need To Rank in the Top of Google Local Business And Google Maps Results

Why You Need To Rank in the Top of Google Local Business And Google Maps Results
Rank in Google Local & Maps Optimization

Rank in Google Maps Optimization

There are many reasons why it is advantageous to show up in the top of Google Local Business and Google Maps Results. One reason is the overall amount of potential clients that will be able to find your business or company. These days, most everyone that uses the internet uses Google for the majority of their search engine needs. The businesses that are thriving and tend to grow also tend to be on top of the Google search engines along with Google Local Business and Google Maps. One of the biggest ways for clients to find a particular business is by way of a search engine. And, if your business does not show up on Google Local Business, clients will have a difficult time finding your business, even if they are extremely interested in purchasing your products or service or even know the name of your business. There is just a large amount of competition everywhere.

Being at the top of Google Maps is of utmost importance because of the mere fact that Google Maps is a directory service for people to get to point A to point B and to find local businesses. There is an option on Google Maps to search directions from one destination to another destination. The great thing about Google Maps is that it does not need the exact address of a place to locate it, if the place is located in the Google Maps directory. Being located in the Google Maps directory guarantees a higher potential business percentage, because clients and customers are able to input a word, phrase or even a few letters to get business information to show up. An example would be if someone is looking for a printing business and they have no idea what printing business they would like to go to. They would simply input printing in the Google Maps destination box and up would pop several printing businesses that are local to the area that fall within the category. The best thing you can do for your business or company is to ensure you show up on top of the Google Maps directory. The directory uses general key words to locate businesses in the area that fits the specified label. Make sure your business is searchable and able to be found easily by Google Maps results.

Another important aspect to having your business on the top in Google Local Places is the fact that many apps are local results specific. Just like Google Maps is local results specific, so are the many apps that are commonplace on smartphones and other devices; such as the iPad, etc. There are many apps in the market today that are available to consumers that will help them find any type of business they may be looking for. The app will only find a business that is located in Google Maps results or Google Local Places. Most of the popular apps work directly with Google utilizing all their business locations to work as a team. If your business or company is not in Google Maps results or Google Local Places, you will consequently lose the potential business of all the smartphone users that could have easily accessed your company or business if it was easily searchable by Google results and the Google search engine in general.

The important aspect of being on top of Google results is the fact that most people will go to the first, second or third business that they see on their results page. They will not usually go to the trouble of scrolling all the way down to see all the business results. Being at the top of Google results and Google Local Places will increase your business revenue exponentially.

The reality is that your business or company depends on Google Maps and Google Local Places for garnering attention from potential customers and broadening your entire business model. The higher you are on Google Local Places, the more advertising that your business will receive as a result, and the more broad your business will become.

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    I agree that showing up in Google Maps Search results is an importance piece of optimizing your businesses online presence. This can be a struggle for some who are just starting out with SEO Marketing. Great blog post, I’ll be looking forward to the next.

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    This piece was a lfijekacet that saved me from drowning.

    • Marcelo September 9, 2012 Reply

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