Why Inbound Marketing Is More Effective Than Outbound Marketing

Why Inbound Marketing Is More Effective Than Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing consists of getting customers and potential customers to find you and your niche market. Inbound marketing is much more effective than outbound marketing in many different ways. Because of the recent impact of the internet and the web in general, inbound marketing is becoming the go-to marketing technique to get numerous customers and an increased amount of revenue for your business, website or service. The premise is simple, inbound marketing gets to the psychology of your target audience by allowing them to come to you instead of you approaching them. This means that potential customers will initiate contact with your business and this impacts the way they see your business in general, and also the feeling they have when they make a purchase or enter a contract. With inbound marketing, customers do not feel stifled, forced or coerced to buy your product or service; instead, they feel happy and excited, because they feel that they are the ones who “found” your business or service. The benefits are endless – but the most important is that you will retain customers for a longer period of time due to an immediate improvement in overall customer satisfaction. Inbound marketing includes; social media, blog sites, websites, SEO campaigns, and other forms of restrained advertising that is neither forceful nor heavily coerced by the company itself.  Prospects are searching for what you have to offer when they land on your page – there is no hit or miss or targeted traffic, when they land on your website – there’s an extremely good possibility they want what you have to offer.

It all starts with quality content. If you don’t have content, you don’t have anything at all! Many refer to the popular marketing buzz-phrase “Content is King.” What this really means is that the more content you have is the more likely people can find your company, products and/or services, every blog post and social signal counts! Using this blog post as an example, people searching the internet for “inbound marketing,” or “outbound marketing” will likely stumble upon this post. This is because the article is optimized for these keywords, so once it starts to go viral by gaining massive amounts of relative social signals – the ranking will improve and people will start reading the post. You’re reading this post right now because we followed this simple yet effective inbound marketing technique.inbound marketing techniques vs outbound marketing techniques

Customers find you through inbound marketing and most consumers do not even realize that they are being marketed to; the technique is that effective and minimal. If inbound marketing is done right, customers will believe that the marketing they are engaging in is not even marketing at all. One of the best techniques is to give something away for free. Content or a simple blog post is often enough but often times internet marketers choose to beef up their landing pages with free white-paper reports, case studies, contests or downloads. It’s important when creating content that you lean towards quality vs quantity. Quality is the most important factor – you want your post to be educational, readers should finish reading with a firm understanding of the topic. The better the post – the more likely they will want to read your next post, give you their contact information or create a social signal by clicking Like, Share, Pin or Tweet. This is not to say that quantity isn’t important – it is very important! The more quality content you create, the better off you’ll be.

Outbound marketing is the traditional methods of marketing that have been used in the past, and are still surprisingly used today. The problem with outbound marketing techniques is that you have to reach out to an audience that lacks niche targeting, and likely isn’t going to be interested in your brand, products or services. A few examples of outbound marketing are billboards, television commercials, radio advertisements, banner ads on irrelevant websites, email marketing, etc. Any time you are distributing a message to a broad audience you are going to experience incredibly poor conversion rates, low customer response, lower trust and credibility scores and the sell is going to be 100% more difficult. There are some exceptions to this rule, some business categories do well with outbound techniques, but most simply cannot survive by investing their limited marketing dollars into a failing marketing strategy – they go belly up in no time flat.  Outbound marketing is over-saturated in the marketplace and it is quickly losing its stronghold as an effective marketing approach. Inbound marketing boasts better targeting, higher goal conversions, lower cost per lead (CPL) rates, higher retainers and increased customer response and overall satisfaction. In today’s economy, businesses cannot afford to throw money away on failed techniques, they are getting smarter and they are working with marketing experts such as Xflavor Internet Marketing to build all-inclusive inbound strategies that transform their online presence and evolve their business to the next level.

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