Still struggling after Google Panda SEO Update?

google pandaA lot of webmasters and internet marketing companies have taken a hard hit after the latest Google Panda update. A lot of SEO efforts prior used by the top internet marketing professionals were simply no longer working. Every time Google makes a major algorithm change, there is tremendous potential to lose SERP, if not drop out of the search engines completely. There is an explanation for why this happens, and as always, there is also a solution to the problem.

First I want to talk about what could cause you to take a hard hit by the Google Panda update. The internet is now quite sophisticated, where most of the activity is occurring on social networking sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linked In. We’ve found that sites lacking significant social media activity but have a lot of incoming links often suffer because they lack balance in the type of links that are pointing to their site. One sure fire way to help balance your efforts is to create a fan page on all the networks for your business website, link them all together ( is great for this) and keep them updated daily. Build your following base and generate some social media traffic directly to your money site. This will definitely 100% help influence how the Google Panda update effects your site.

In addition to social media, educational, government and specifically wiki links are hugely beneficial to your sites ranking. But regardless of the link source, don’t waste time and money on links that aren’t relative to your landing page. The #1 factor that every SEO professional should take into deep consideration is the quality of of the source content and how the link points to the site (exact match anchor, broad match anchor, banner ads, etc). While inline contextual links are going to bring the most benefit to your SEO efforts, we’ve found that variety is KEY in almost every situation. Of course, we still have a few sites that don’t meet all this criteria and somehow still haven’t taken much of a hit, but we also had many projects that completely fell off and needed to be restructured from the ground up.

So, your site got knocked out by the Google Panda update? The good news is, you’re not out of luck! Here are a few things we recommend you do immediately.

1) Go through all your incoming links, if you can edit the content/placement of the links not bringing you any real benefit anymore, then do that, if you can’t… You may just be better off without the link than with the link, so if the first option is impossible, just delete the link entirely and replace it with a higher quality link with a different link style and overall approach. The goal when removing links is not to remove just low PR sites (some low pr sites are good to have too, especially if they are relevant), but pay close attention to the link type and quality or relativity of the content surrounding the link. The more relative it is to the page it’s pointing to is the better you will benefit from the link.

2) Strategically acquire new links in the forms you need them most. But, instead of sending too many links directly to your money site, you may want to structure the bulk of the links under a link wheel with a supporting third layer (link pyramid). If you have a reporting tool to monitor the links that would be ideal – then you can easily see when any 2.0 property, citation or element within your link wheels need some more link juice. We use a combination of WordPress blogs posts, articles, press releases, social networking profiles, 100+ video sites, etc as part of our link wheel strategy. Using these techniques can take a good deal of time to establish ideal SERP, but the result is a lot more lasting with less risk of getting sand-boxed for using spammy techniques. We like to keep it as natural and authentic as possible.

3) Buy access into or build your own private c-class blog network. Let’s face it, you need cheap, contextual one-way links to sustain rankings long term. What better way to do this than to buy access to a network of 15,000+ unique blogs on c-class ip’s? Endless niches / categories + 15k c-class ip’s = endless potential. It can be a lot to manage but with the right tools in your arsenal it can be a breeze.

4) Actively ping your links to keep them alive and get them indexed as quickly as possible. We use Linkalicious for this and it works well.


That should be sufficient for beating the Google Panda protected SEO update. There are of course a lot of fine details being missed in this blog update – but the point is to generalize the key points of the update so they are comprehensive and somewhat understandable. If you lack the know-how or time to manage your own internet marketing campaign, and your site took a hit by the latest algorithm changes and needs panda optimization you can request a free consultation from Xflavor Internet Marketing today. Xflavor is a leading provider of panda friendly search engine optimization and HD video production. Don’t delay, you owe it to yourself/your business to invest in a proven and ROI driven marketing campaign, with a company built on transparency, integrity and ethics.

Justin Smith

Justin Smith is an internet marketing consultant in Orlando Florida. He specializes in search engine optimization, social media optimization, reponsive web design, branding strategies and HD video production.

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