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social media marketing managementSo you have a stellar website, and thanks to our search engine optimization services you’re now positioned in the top of all the major search engines – the flood of targeted traffic is coming and you’re sales are looking better than ever. Or perhaps you’re just getting off the ground with your marketing strategy and you’re trying to put together an all inclusive plan that covers everything from A to Z. Regardless of your current marketing situation – social media marketing can play a key role in how you actively engage your online market audience.   Social media marketing typically consists of the management of your branding strategy, optimization & promotion (targeted fan building). Now, after the latest Google Panda SEO update, social media is largely factored into how your SEO campaigns perform as well, it’s the perfect way to complement any search engine optimization strategy.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your SMM strategy is uniquely yours – instead of copying what someone else has done, it’s usually a good idea to try something different, fresh and exciting. After-all, it’s the extreme flavor (XFLAVOR) that sets you apart from your competitors and keeps you in the spotlight. If you have multiple services or divisions, it’s often a good strategy to consider segmenting your market audience into separate Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts. If you’re products and/or service offering is closely related, it’s generally best to utilize only one fan page and one Twitter. But the strategy goes beyond “how to set up the accounts,” it also greatly involves the method of engagement. How do you stand out to your fan base? What are you doing to get their attention, and how are you directing traffic from your social media profiles to your main money site(s) and converting enough sales to generate a consistently positive ROI? We kick off every social media campaign with our strategy and planning. We look  closely at your business model and current branding to develop a strategy that will get attention and deliver optimal results.  One example strategy would be to build your social media presence around your corporate culture by integrating photos and videos of your employees utilizing your products or services in their personal lives and hobbies. Many companies prefer to spark interest with surveys, contests, polls, giveaways, etc). Perhaps it’s as simple as a few video testimonials from satisfied customers or simply showing people what you do and how you do it; as long as the content is compelling and relative to your social media fan base, you will see great results from your efforts on Facebook and Twitter.


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social media marketingFacebook & Twitter Social Media Management

We approach our Facebook strategy as follows:

  • Fan page / account creation & optimization
  • Custom tab development (shopping, welcome page, company info, contact)
  • Targeted Ads (wall posts & optional PPC)
  • Increase targeted fans / followers by locality & interest group
  • Daily relevant status updates
  • Quality content creation
  • Host quizzes, polls, giveaways and surveys
  • Reputation management
  • Increase website traffic from social media management
  • Monthly reporting

Why you need social media marketing & how we deliver results

Social media is a tricky game. You can easily create a few profiles, add some photos and post some status updates – but what does that accomplish? You need to connect with the right audience for your niche market and reward your most active social fans to create evangelists for your brand. Once you have an active fan base interested in what you have to offer, you can start hosting polls, surveys, giveaways and other interactive content to keep your audience engaged and interested in your brand. Before you know it, you’ll have a dedicated viral fan base that’s eager to share your content with their friends and that’s when your social media presence starts to explode. Generally, within six months to a year you will start to notice an ROI from your social media marketing efforts. Opting to utilize the services of a social media professional will get you there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Maximize your potential ROI from social media with video production

While not entirely necessary, we’ve found video content can increase conversions literally anywhere it’s displayed on the internet. So, naturally – it’s safe to assume video content on social networking sites such as Facebook can have an immediate positive impact on your results. Video engages people long enough to spark an interest and get encourage them to click through to your target landing pages. Our video production services allows us to create high definition video content highlighting your customer testimonials, product features or service highlights and show you doing what you do best. What better way to capture your prospects than to give them a visual understanding of your brand?


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