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At Xflavor Internet Marketing, we understand how important online exposure is for the success your business.  The widespread use of the Internet is vastly expanding in all countries of our planet; while some countries are still struggling to find means for accessing the global information superhighway, many are trending in usage growth of up to 1000%.  With demographics like that, it’s practically indisputable that your online presence plays a key role in your overall business strategy.  Millions of daily active internet users are searching to find products and services that are relevant to their lifestyles or business functions. Without the right approach, including Search Engine Optimization, it’s unlikely they are finding your company’s offering at the top of their search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services vary from analyzing the current state of your web site, to writing SEO friendly content to improve your landing pages and off-site factors including authority link building, link wheel creation, press release submission, article writing and submission, social bookmarking, directory submissions, blog commenting, forum commenting, and strategic link building relationships with other relative websites in your industry. We can devise a plan to get your business on the top of the search results, unleashing infinite potential with your internet marketing campaign, and keeping you in front of your competition and target audience.

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Each and every Xflavor Internet Marketing expert managed SEO campaign includes:

  • Competition Analysis
    To effectively compete online, you have to know your competition from the inside out. What are they doing online? How sophisticated is their SEO campaign?  Often times, your brick and mortar competition is not the same as your internet competition. We complete a detailed analysis of your top competitors to determine the foundational requirements of your SEO campaign. The cost of your campaign greatly depends on the amount of keywords you are trying to target and the competition for each of those keywords.
  • Website Analysis
    Your site more than likely needs some work before the SEO campaign can begin. We will analyze the structure and code within your web site,  navigational structure, error pages, content quality and placement,  keyword density, ALT presence, H1 presence, usage of bold text and many other factors to help maximize the benefits of our SEO efforts.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
    Often times we get clients with sites that are currently ranking for a variety of keywords, but their site isn’t converting like it should be. They drive rankings but do not provide ROI.  In these cases of ineffective SEO campaigns, our team will analyze your preferred keywords and strategize on how to rank your site for key phrases and buy phrases that establish qualified, targeted traffic that converts.
  • SEO Strategic Development
    Every SEO campaign is extremely different;  the amount of link building needed to get on top of your competition, the starting point (quality and readiness) of your website, etc. To get the most of your campaign, we take a strategic approach considering all key factors.
  • Structural & Code Optimization
    There are many structural elements that have an impact on your search engine positions on the Search Engines Results pages.  We look the general layout, navigation and the raw code of  your site to ensure the format is appropriate and page loading times are sufficient for your SEO goals.
  • Content Development & Optimization
    (including Blog Creation and Management)
    Our team of content writers is world class, and able to produce targeted search engine optimization content for both big and small companies alike, for clients in all sorts of business arenas.  Our team will optimize existing content, and produce new onsite and offsite content to build your brand and authority on the Internet.
  • Initial & Ongoing Link Building
    We analyze your target keywords to determine the amount of link building needed before ever getting started on your campaign. Once your website landing pages are optimized and ready for SEO, we get started on the link building right away. Our link building consists of Link Wheels, Link Pyramids, Social Bookmarking Links, Blog Comment Links, Forum Comment Links, .GOV and .EDU backlinks and more. In larger campaigns, we may need to identify ideal links to purchase on closely related sites, we have a directory of thousands of sites that sell one way non-reciprocal links, but this is always plan B when we can accomplish your goals without paid placements. One attribute that sets us apart from many of the other “SEO Experts” out there is our network of 15,000+ private blogs on C-CLASS IP addresses. This allows us to build POWERFUL links for your campaign that are extremely relevant and geared to get you the maximum potential possible from your investment.
  • Benchmarking and Monthly Reporting
    We send a monthly ranking report for the first few months of any campaign, and typically continue with monthly reports beyond the scope of the heavy promotion. Anytime we notice an area that needs some work to get you back on top, we automatically make the suggestions and pending approval, proceed with the work. We are your best friend when it comes to expert SEO services; We’ve  got your back all the way!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    If for whatever reason we are unable to get you in the top 10 organic results for any keyword under promotion within 6 months time, we will give you the option of a full refund (we discontinue promotion) or an account credit (we credit you for the extra months it takes us to get it in the top 10).  This rarely ever happens though – we’re among the best at what we do!

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What does Search Engine Optimization Mean to You?expert SEO

At, we realize that every business is unique.  The Search Engine Optimization needs will vary based on budget, individual goals and level of competition against your campaign.   The initial quality and preparedness of your website is also an important consideration.  We customize every campaign, prioritizing the various factors for maximum ROI.  Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic concept, so the needs with vary from client to client.  We start by looking at at your business, your web site, and your competition’s web sites to determine the best approach for your success through Search Engine Optimization.

We have a solution for every company, whether you’re a small business just getting out of the gates or a Fortune 500 corporation, we are prepared to take on your project.  We are active and heavily involved in the online success of each and every client. We aim to maximize returns from our services to build lasting relationships and continually provide value added services.

We strive to stay on the cutting edge of Search Engine Optimization technology.  Google’s algorithm changes daily, our advanced SEO software provides reliable insight on these key changes, helping us adapt and overcome the many obstacles in maintaining solid search engine ranks. We have over 10 years of SEO experience and confident we are a leading solution provider for search engine marketing services.

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