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Xflavor Internet Marketing was founded on the common understanding that internet marketing campaigns need to be more sophisticated and well-rounded than just SEO services to get you ranking in the top of Google. The bottom line is – if your website or landing page quality isn’t structured properly, or lacks multimedia content to engage your website visitors – you are missing out on a lot of potential business. There are many factors and elements that contribute to any successful “all-inclusive” internet marketing strategy. These services include search engine optimization & marketing (SEO & SEM),  social media optimization & marketing (SMO & SMM),  video production & marketing and responsive web design and development. We take a unique approach by providing all of these services in house as a rare “one stop internet marketing shop” geared to deliver maximum return on investment for our clients.

Our All-Inclusive Internet Marketing Services
We put an emphasis on organic search engine optimization and focus strongly on keyword promotion to get our clients ranking in the top of all the major search engines for the keywords that matter most to their business. Our SEO services are backed by a 100% money back guarantee and start at just $1.00 per day, per keyword! Keyword promotion (organic SEO) is most important to capture the largest share of your market potential – but it’s not highly effective until paired with a responsive web site design with compelling video content. These services, along with a few others (social media, press releases, local directory optimization, etc) work in perfect harmony to approach, engage and convert your website visitors or potential customers.

The foundation of any successful internet marketing campaign starts with a high-quality responsive web design
If you already have a website, there is a good chance we can work with what you’ve got. Of course, there’s a really good chance your website may not be up to par with our quality standards, and may need a little (or a lot) of work to get it ready to perform flawlessly at the epicenter of a successful internet marketing campaign. It’s important your website has a responsive web design, which means it would ideally be cross-browser compatible and mobile friendly. In addition to a responsive design your site should also have plenty of professionally written content to compel,  embedded video content to engage, and strategically positioned call-to-action forms and buttons to capture your target audience. If you feel your website isn’t up to par with your vision or goals – Xflavor Internet Marketing has the expertise to build highly effective websites from the ground up on today’s most popular CMS – WordPress.

Keep Them Entertained & Keep Them Around Longer!
No one likes a boring website with nothing but text and a few somewhat relative graphics. Extensive online research has revealed that on the average web page, visitors only stick around for long enough to read 28% (at most) of the words;  our independent research has proven that 20% is an even more common estimation. This is due to many factors, some people just hate reading, some website content is poorly written, some people land on the wrong page “just surfing”, but more commonly – most web pages lack elements that effectively engage or entertain their traffic. One way to go about improving your bounce rates and keeping people on your site longer is by adding high quality video content to each main target landing page on your site. If you don’t already have videos to work with – Xflavor has an in-house video production team with over 20+ years of combined video production and marketing experience. We’ve worked with small businesses and multiple fortune 500’s to produce engaging viral brand videos, interviews, television commercials, music videos and more! If you’re currently lacking video content – Xflavor Internet Marketing is the perfect on-location video production partner from script to screen.


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