SEO, A Fools Game? Or is it?

Perhaps you already have a professional SEO company who is giving you real results and you’re already successful in your SEO efforts. Or perhaps you’ve tried doing your own SEO or you have hired a “SEO expert” that’s relying on failed or incomplete techniques. You may have taken the time to learn the various white-hat and black-hat techniques, spent hundreds to many thousands of dollars on your SEO campaign, and still not getting the results you’re looking for. We’ve been there, done that, learned what works and what doesn’t. It’s easy to invest $25k into an internet marketing campaign and have it all go to waste. It’s just as easy to invest $25k into an internet market campaign and turn it into $50k-$1M+ in revenues; Of course, this really depends on the product(s) or service(s) you’re promoting, and the effectiveness of your sales presence, website, squeeze pages, and so forth. That being said, shouldn’t you take your internet marketing campaigns seriously and not invest your money blindly? You just need to find the perfect ROI focused search engine optimization or internet marketing partner to work at your side, every step of the way.

SEO certainly can be a fools game, so can SEM with blind PPC management. An effective internet marketing company will do the research necessary to target keywords and key search phrases that are actually obtainable. One example would be going after the term Columbus Video Production before going after “video production,” as “video production” has 96,000,000 competing pages while “columbus video production” only has 16,000,000 competing pages. Once your key positions are established and sustained with not much fluctuation in SERP, then you can start focusing your efforts towards the more tough key phrases. This is the best advice for budget SEO campaigns of course, campaigns with appropriate budgets can target ALL key phrases from inception with great success. The budget is important because the more competitive terms will have a lot of competitors with teams of SEO experts building authority links, link wheels, link pyramids, writing press releases, submitting spun articles, creating web 2.0 properties, social bookmarking, blog commenting, submitting blog carnivals, submitting RSS feeds, writing new SEO friendly content, constantly analyzing the performance of their efforts and revising their overall strategy as needed to maintain maximum ROI benefit and cost-effectiveness. A good SEO partner will keep the client updated of any needed changes, seek approval of any serious content changes or additions and provide complete transparency along the way. Poor SEO’s and one-off link building campaigns pose no real long-term benefit, if you want to be successful online – you need an SEO expert who knows what they’re doing, there is little room for error to be successful in this economy.

Xflavor is a fast growing search engine optimization, internet marketing and video production team of 13 individuals throughout the US and India. We currently handle the SEO for nearly 50 clients, and for each of them we deliver REAL results. Our research reveals which key phrases you should target, how many searches a month they get, how much traffic you can expect to gain from your efforts against any given keyword and the amount of work necessary to getting you on top. We send reports every 30 days showing the latest trends and helping create transparency in the overall process and keep you informed on all progress. Don’t throw your money away targeting keywords that are unattainable for your current budget, hire an SEO professional that knows how to get you the most bang for your buck. Request a free consultation from Xflavor Internet Marketing today!

Justin Smith

Justin Smith is an internet marketing consultant in Orlando Florida. He specializes in search engine optimization, social media optimization, reponsive web design, branding strategies and HD video production.

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