How To Write Appealing And Effective Content To Both Human Website Visitors And Search Engine Spiders

How To Write Appealing And Effective Content To Both Human Website Visitors And Search Engine Spiders

Writing appealing and effective website content to both human visitors and search engine spiders can be one of the most difficult tasks for the average webmaster or website owner. But, when you go the extra mile to properly formulate your content, it will surely make a noticeable difference in the effectiveness of your website(s). Proper content on your website will result in a measurable improvement in the sales of your products and/or services. This article highlights a few of the most important factors to consider when writing appealing and effective website content.

In writing appealing content, one aspect the writer must consider is to whom he or she should dedicate their writings. After classifying the intended article, you should make sure the language you’re using is comprehensive for the intended target audience. If you write your articles in this manner, your readers (website visitors) will visualize and fully understand the points you’re trying to establish. After reading the article, surely they will look for other content within your website in regards to the topic that attracted them to your site at inception.

It’s a good practice to make sure the words you’ll be using are common words that are used in everyday conversation. Using advanced words only learned in etymology may make your content appear more sophisticated and researched, but doing this also limits the effectiveness as not everyone can understand words that aren’t plain and simple English. This is especially true when your demographic largely lacks a college level education or when you need to extend your marketing reach internationally to foreign markets where English is a second language.  Whenever the website visitor types the topic in Google they’re wanting to search, they will most likely be using common and simple English. Therefore, by using simple English in your page titles and website content, the result is a higher volume of targeted visitors to your website, as well as an increased understanding and reception from your content, which then translates to an increase in goal conversions.

When search engine spiders index your website content, they are looking for keyword density as well as how original the content is in comparison to the relative content found against the primary or “focus” keywords of each page. Unique content that offers a diverse and unique perspective on the topic is more likely to be favored in the eyes of the major search engines. This can increase the duration of indexation as well as improve the initial SERP (search engine ranking position) for each page on your site. It’s always important to never copy content from another source on the internet as this will generate a low quality score and Google, Bing, Yahoo & Ask will almost certainly frown upon your website, resulting in lowered page ranks and authority.

The keyword or the main topic in your articles should be clearly visible and contextually located throughout your write-ups. This will improve the weight and density of the keyword to both the reader and the spiders. After the spiders have indexed the pages of your website, it will gather the main (most prominent) keyword of each page and give most consideration to that keyword. Typically, you can focus each body of content around 3 keywords and have no issues pushing the links into the top 10 positions, especially for the longer tailed key phrases. It is important to try to make your keywords visible but to avoid over emphasizing or overusing them at any and all costs. Overuse of a keyword is typically considered keyword stuffing and this is actually a form of SPAM in the eyes of the search engine spiders. Use of your keywords in sentences and locations where it does not make logical sense can usually be depicted by the spiders and most of the time you will be tremendously penalized for doing this.

Writing an appealing and effective SEO friendly article is indeed a time consuming task, but it’s just as important as the website framework or the marketing of the website itself. There are many factors to be considered, and this is why the most competitive SEO content writers will highly optimize their articles against the top 5-10 competing pages on the internet to strategically include just the right keyword density and placement. This article only touches base on the most important factors to consider when writing content for your website, there are also other factors to consider for content effectiveness such as structure and formatting, as well as the exclusivity of the information provided. If you aren’t well aquainted or overly optimistic about writing your own content, it’s often a good idea to consult with a professional SEO content writer to get the highest potential from your online marketing efforts. For this reason, Xflavor Internet Marketing offers effective SEO content writing to our search engine optimization clients.



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