How to Dominate Your Market by Choosing the Best Keywords for Your SEO 

How to Dominate Your Market by Choosing the Best Keywords for Your SEO 

Choosing the best keywordsLet’s face it, you’ll never stand a change chance at dominating your online market without the help of SEO.  And with the thousands of “SEO experts” out there, you need to choose the best SEO company for your marketing. A real professional knows he or she must choose the right keywords that will best describe the product or service they are promoting. If they do it right, they can capture the majority of their market very quickly. But, SEO can be a costly investment, so you need to make the right choices from the start if you’re expecting to see an immediate return.

The search engines are very sensitive when it comes to the keywords that internet visitors are searching for. In order for more people to land on your sales pages, you should determine the best keywords that potential customers most commonly use. Bear in mind that the mind-set of the consumer is to click whatever it is that comes first in the result of the search engines. Second to that, the most relative listing to whatever it is they’re searching will take priority. So, it is very clear how important it is that you select the most appropriate keywords for your search engine optimization campaign. If you choose the right keywords that clearly describe your product or service offering, you will show up in competitive positions helping funnel the greatest amount of targeted traffic right to your sales pages.

The domination of your niche market will only take place if the advertisement of your products and services are successful. The logic behind this is that the more people who know your offered item, the higher level of total potential buyers it will have. So, promoting as many keywords related to your products and services as possible is key to “market domination.” Whether or not you’re goal is to capture your entire market, any amount of SEO will help make your website more popular on the internet to your specific targeted demographic. The more keywords you show up for – the higher your gross potential.

keyword researchBut, how do you choose the right keywords? Well, there are a few things to consider. The first being the total search volume potential. When analyzing your target keyword list, various keyword research programs will return either a broad-match or an exact-match “search volume” figure for each of the keywords you’re evaluating. The higher the target monthly search volume, the greater potential for ROI.  The second factor is the competition grade of the keyword, Google issues a grade of 0 – 100 as to how severe the competition is against any specific keyword. The lower the keyword competition, the easier it is to obtain top 10 ranking; the higher the competition, the harder it is to obtain ranking. A great keyword would ideally consist of 1,000+ monthly estimated search volume paired with considerably low to medium competition. Of course, there’s no harm in targeting the extremely competitive phrases if they are essential to the sales of your products and/or services. When consulting with a professional search engine optimization company, you may find the keywords with higher competition will cost significantly more to establish top positioning, this is because there is a lot more work that goes into stabilizing ranks for keywords with more competition.
Before you can determine which keywords you should focus on, you should determine your overall search engine optimization budget. The more you can afford, the larger percentage of your total market potential you will capture. Sometimes when budgeting for a new business is crucial, you may opt to start with 40-50 keywords, keeping the rest of your (probably hundreds) on the back burner until the time is right and you can afford to capture a larger portion of your market. If you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to start with the keywords that get the highest monthly search volume. This will provide an immediate ROI on your SEO efforts helping make you profitable from your investment right from the start. Then, once your CAPEX has made way to continue your marketing efforts, decide on the next 50-100 keywords to expand the scope of your search engine optimization strategy. Eventually, whether you go “all in” from the start or not, you can and will end up dominating your market.

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