Why And How Online Video Can Increase Website Conversions

Why And How Online Video Can Increase Website Conversions
online video leads to increased website conversions

Online Video Leads To Increased Website Conversions

Now more than ever, online video can make or break your product or service offering. Many usability studies have indicated a balanced variety of content can lead to the best end-user reception of your brand. Exactly one year ago on March 7th, 2011, Internet Retailer quoted Cathy McManus of StacksAndStacks.com saying “Tests reveal a consumer who views a product video is up to 144% more likely to add that product to their cart than a consumer who watches no video.” The explanation for this is quite simple, rich entertainment media has a psychological stronghold on consumers. We love technology that makes everything easier and more convenient; these technologies are making us more efficient at everything we do, time is money so efficiency is key.

This is the mindset of the consumer – search for what we need, once we find it, find the company that offers everything we need or find the best price for it from a reputable source, and finally – make the purchase.  Say in the first step “searching for what we need,” you’re fortunate enough to have been in the top few results in Google and the consumer has landed on your website. What happens now? If we don’t see all the information we could possibly be needing related to the product or service, we are going to bounce out just as fast as we came in. Consumers nowadays don’t just settle for mediocrity, we no longer believe in the product or service descriptions that are presented through the use of words. We lack belief because static text content lacks weight; it lacks weight because it’s difficult to adequately establish authority without illustrating a visual-social affiliation to what a brand has to offer. Online videos can build that trust we need to decide whether or not to make the purchase.

With all this being said, online video alone still isn’t as effective as a well balanced mix of static text, quality static and motion graphics and video content combined. Content placement and variety has become one of the top factors in the usability of a web site, as well as the quality score when it comes to SEO. It’s often a good idea to offer all the key points of any product or service in all variations of content displayed, with video, this can become a walk in the park. It’s pretty clear why video is considered more ideal in order to sustain the interest of the customers. Words won’t help much in the visualization of the product, and the best delivery method for this is online videos.

Online video production from Xflavor Internet Marketing

Online video production from Xflavor Internet Marketing

Now you understand the importance of videos on your website, but now that you know you need to make some videos to support your products and services, what are you going to make, how are you going to make it, are you going to write the scripts yourself or are you going to consult with a brand development management that has experience with viral branding strategies through video? You will likely want to review the strategy with a professional web video production service provider; they can help in the conceptualization and story boarding process to identify high quality marketing strategies implement in your online videos. A good internet marketing consultant with online video production capabilities will be accustomed to putting themselves in the shoes of your target audience to formulate a strategy to achieve the highest possible increase in website conversions.

Proper planning and editing is key to designing your video content for maximum reception on your key landing pages. You want to say exactly what they will be wanting  or needing to hear, nothing more, nothing less; sparing all the secondary features and details for the static text, so the more advanced users and enthusiasts can read further into the product or service without having to leave your site to get more details. Your top priority is making sure they don’t leave your site until they make a purchase, and to that you must keep their attention, this is easier said than done.

So, your internet customers need to be convinced, check. To do this, we need online video in conjunction with static text and quality images and/or photos, check.  If your video content presents your branded products or services in a very compelling and convincing manner, your website visitors are up to 144% more likely to become a customer, check.
If you’re seeking exciting ways to engage and convert your website visitors, you need to delay no further and contact an expert in this field who’s worked with many Fortune 500’s to develop online viral branding strategies, television and web commercials and infomercials and more. Xflavor Internet Marketing is one video production company you can count on when it comes to meeting your online marketing goals  So, why don’t you request a free consultation to find out what’s in store for you right now! We believe in the power of online videos to increase website conversions, and we have the video production team and marketing experts on deck to make it happen.


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