Capturing Special Moments At Your Wedding With A Professional Wedding Videographer

Capturing Special Moments At Your Wedding With A Professional Wedding Videographer
Wedding Photography by photographer Hansel Dobbs

Wedding Photography by photographer Hansel Dobbs

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most important days of their life and it is important to have it documented beautifully. Hiring a professional wedding videographer is a vital part in creating the memories of all that the wedding included. Pictures can only do so much; a wedding videographer will be able to document every special moment that the bride and groom experience; such as the first dance, the ceremony, as well as all the special parts of the wedding that still pictures cannot capture. A wedding videographer will be with the couple every step of the way; from the arrival of the guests, taking footage of the venue where the ceremony is held, along with footage of the surrounding area of the wedding, so looking back on the video, there will be a real sense of nostalgia for the couple.

A skilled wedding videographer will capture footage of the details as well; such as the beauty of the flowers, the bride’s dress, the groom’s tux, the expressions on the guests faces when the bride and groom say I Do, and any funny moments that are wonderful to be remembered.

There has been a recent trend for professional wedding videographers to capture short interviews and well wishes from the wedding guests that are meant for the bride and groom. The videographer will go around the ceremony and reception site to get guests to give their personal take on the bride and groom and any memories they have with them. This is especially wonderful for the couple to look back on what their friends and family had to say about them on their wedding day; sometimes there are even fun little surprises of old events that a guest might have spoken about on the video. The bottom line is that a professional videographer will capture moments on a couple’s wedding day that will create lasting memories that can be passed on for generations.

Another trend when working with a professional wedding videographer is having the videographer take all the footage that was captured during the wedding and create a memory video. This memory video is like a moving photo album. They can edit in photos of the couple when they were children, add in family portraits, add a specific logo or family crest  along with adding music that is specific to the couple. A skilled videographer that also has editing capabilities can add interesting edits to the moving photo album to make it an enjoyable experience to watch. Making a movie from the wedding footage is a great way to put the footage that was taken into a finished product that can be cherished for a lifetime.

The secret to a good wedding video is all in the editing. There are many good editing programs that are very accessible online, and, most professional videographers are extremely skillful with creating high quality edits using software such as Final Cut Pro. Wedding videographers generally use high quality cameras with powerful lenses that will make everything very crisp, clear and of superb brilliance. The trick is finding the perfect wedding videographer for your vision and unique wedding video goals.

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